Infinite Loop
Infinite Loop

Infinite Loop

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WePlay® Infinite Loop is perfect for developing dexterity and reflex development. The ball will run infinitely by manipulating its 2 "S" tracks.  WePlay's Infinte Loop comes with 2 balls, one dimpled, and one smooth.  They are made from different materials, which provide different challenge levels.  WePlay Infinite Loop is perfect for developing dexterity and reflex with its two S rack variations.

The goal with the infinte loop is to do your best to keep the ball rolling!  The Weplay® Infinite Loop Playset is designed for use with both hands. To maneuver the equipment, simply open and close it with both hands. Once you are familiar with its operation, place the ball of choice on the track, the set includes 2 balls, each made of different materials to provide different speeds and challenge levels. The objective of the exercise is to control the ball without dropping it from the track. The two rack variations serve as dexterity development for children and adults to improve reflexes.

This great educational toy is perfect for special needs children and anyone that needs to work on improving fine motor development, sense of touch and feeling, coordination, sequencing, timing and coordination.


WePlay® Infinite Loop Features include: 

Includes  2 S shaped tracks and 2 balls, one dimpled and one smooth
Infinite Loop Measures :  13" Long x 11" Wide x 2" Heigth
For ages: 3 years old and up