In the Garden Bug Counters™ pk72 (video)

In the Garden Bug Counters™ pk72 (video)

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Unique, attractive counters combine modern design and colours for early maths fun!
Attractive bug themed counters will brighten up early maths activities
  • Bright colours and modern design combine to keep young children engaged in their learning
  • Counters are wipe-clean
  • Counters are ideal for a variety of early maths activities, including:
    • Counting
    • Sorting
    • Patterning
  • Insect themed counters can double-up as an imaginative play resource
  • Counters come in six different colours: Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green and Purple
  • Set includes 12 each of: Dragonfly, Snail, Grasshopper, Caterpillar, Spider and Bee
  • Counters measure 3cm L

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