EduTopix Flower Reward Chart (with Rewards Included option)
EduTopix Flower Reward Chart (with Rewards Included option)

EduTopix Flower Reward Chart (with Rewards Included option)

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As a childminder, I created this simple reward chart for my mindees and it was a complete success! All the children loved their chart, the fact that it was a flower didn't seem to bother the boys either!

When I got a new starter, they would be given a chart to colour in and write their name on. This always made them instantly feel included as they had seen the other children's charts already.   They get to pick which bug they want to represent them and write their name on that too.

How does it work?

When the child is behaving nicely, or does something nice for another child etc, they get moved up a leaf on their chart. Once they reach the flower, they are rewarded. The reward is up to you.  I had a box full of small inexpensive toys (party bag filler type stuff) and this was very popular!  I tried not to let the children get to their flower more than once a week if possible.    

The chart worked brilliantly for minor problem behaviour that I needed to resolve quickly.  For instance, I had a child who would run and hide when his mum came to pick him up (nothing sinister, he just didn't want to leave!)  I resolved this by telling him that if he had his coat and shoes on and was ready by the door when mum came, he would move up a leaf on his chart and within a week, he was doing this naturally and so forgot all about moving up a leaf.    

I also made a point of telling all the children that when one of them reached their flower, it was a nice thing to do to celebrate that child instead of being jealous. And doing something nice like that would result in them moving up a leaf on their own chart.   I would say loudly that 'xxx is on his flower!' and the whole room would erupt into claps and cheers from the other children.  :)

After the child has coloured in and written their name on their chart and  bug, it's best to laminate both to ensure it lasts!  It's a lovely leaving gift as well when they move on :)

To save you some more time, we have introduced 'Reward Ducks'.  Less than a pound each and in many different novelty designs.  Having something like this encourages the children to work towards their goal with increased enthusiasm because they like to build up a collection.