EduTopix Box - 20+ items
EduTopix Box - 20+ items

EduTopix Box - 20+ items

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This is our new style subscription pack.  Each month, we will release a new pack with a new topic.  The Pack launched on 15th October is our Magnetix Topix Pack and is crammed with mystery resources to help you explore this subject.  The contents of the pack would be worth approx £25 if bought separately.  There will be no paperwork or activity sheets with our new style pack.

There will be some items from our shop and some additional items.  Packs may vary in contents. Age 3+

We emailed all our subscribers for the Edutopix Boxes to inform you of this change and to give you the opportunity to cancel if you wish. 


Overall Box contents suitable for age 3 years and over.  

NEXT BOX PREVIEW:  Light and Colour Burst Pack !

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