DIY Water Wall Kit
DIY Water Wall Kit
DIY Water Wall Kit

DIY Water Wall Kit

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Getting more popular by the year, DIY Water Walls are great fun for children of all ages.  This pack includes:

4 x Plastic Coloured Tubes

2 x Plastic Jugs

6 x Plastic Coloured Funnels in five different sizes and colours (one 'clear')

1 x Plastic Clear Tubing 1 metre

1 x Spiral Tubing 1 metre 

10 x Cable Ties

You will need cable ties or garden wire for fixing the pieces to a fence or trellis.  If you have a surface that will not allow you to do this (a wall for instance), you can buy garden netting online or locally.  This can be secured the a wall of flat fence and then the pieces attached to this.

We have included picture found online of the types of things you can create, but please bear in mind these are just indicative and not pictures of the actual pieces in this kit.  Recycle plastic bottle and pots to add even more fun!