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Toy Library Information Page

EduTopix Toy Library

Our subscription based Toy Library is a great way to keep renewing your toys and resources without paying a fortune! Children often get bored with a particular toy after a while or you may be planning a topic and only need the resources for a short time.   

IMPORTANT: Please read all the below information before setting up your subscription.

For £14.99 per month (£10.49 after 6 months membership), you can receive £50 worth of toys and resources.  You choose the toys you want in your next delivery and then send them back to us to get your next lot!    To get the most out of the subscription, aim to send back around 5 days before your next payment is due. You will receive a reminder email around this time.  This way, your next delivery can be sent as soon as possible.  As soon as you have posted the return parcel, update  your wish list, so that we can get it ready to send as soon as the return arrives! You only pay for delivery and return shipping is reimbursed upon receipt of the parcel. We ask that you use a tracked return service and email us the tracking number.  Please keep the box your delivery arrived in, so that you can return it in the same box.

Of course, you are welcome to keep the toys for longer if they are still being used.  

Your allowance is based on 'points' and each point is worth a pound in retail value.  For example, if you are in your first month, you will have 25 points meaning you can borrow £25 worth of goods. Once you have made your second monthly payment, your allowance will be 50 points per month = £50 worth of goods.  The reason we do this is to try and prevent fraud or theft during the first month. If you decide to only send part of your delivery back, then these points will be credited to you to use for your next order.  We don't currently have an online system for showing points, so it is being done manually at the office!  


We have installed a WishList option for the specific purpose of allowing Toy Library subscribers to add toys they want to borrow.   The wish list button can be found on the product page and is on every single product we sell. Take care not to add anything with a higher value than £25 the first month and £50 thereafter.  We may introduce higher value subscriptions at a later date. Your wish list can be accessed here  Please add a few extra choices, so that we can send your delivery as soon as possible if we are out of stock of one or two items.   Once we have received your first payment, we will select from your wishlist goods worth £25 and send them within a few days (we only send 50% on the first month to combat theft and fraud). When you have returned these and your next payment has been made, we will select from your wish list goods worth £50 and send them within a few days.  Every month thereafter, we will send £50 worth of goods from your wishlist. Keep your wish list up to date, deleting products you've already received or changed your mind about. 

You can cancel your subscription at any time after your second payment without penalty.  If you are unsure how to do this, please contact us and we will do it for you.  All goods must be returned before we can cancel your subscription.

Lost or Broken Toys

We know accidents can happen and things can be broken or lost.  We obviously wouldn’t expect you to cover the full cost of replacing this resource, but we would need to deduct a percentage from your next points balance.   For instance, if a resource can be resold as ‘ex toy library’ and still have educational and play value, we will only deduct 5-10% from your points balance.  However, if a resource is missing a piece that makes the whole resource unuseable, we would need to deduct 50% off the retail price from your balance.   Please contact us if any resource you have borrowed gets broken, damaged or lost and we will advise you on the next steps..   Please contact us as soon as possible to let us know of any breakages.

For everyone's enjoyment, we ask that you return the toys in the clean condition you received them in.