Pre Loved Stall

Are you interested in selling to us?

We are interested in buying!  First of all, we won't pay what you might get on a selling page for example, but we will save you time not having to deal with time wasters, answering upteen questions about delivery, etc.  If you are having a clear out, we would be interested in buying a few items which will also save you time on packaging up and posting.  So you need to decide whether the few extra pounds would be worth all the extra effort involved in selling on facebook groups.

Think of us as a Cash Converters for childcarers!

We are interested in are educational, multicultural, abilities, sensory etc.  Things that childcarers want to buy.   We aren't really after V Tech, Fisher Price type electronic products unless they are exceptional!

We will only pay via Paypal good or services, but we will incorporate those fees into the price we offer you.   We also pay the postage obviously!

Please email us at or message on facebook with photos of what you would like to sell and your expected price (again, this will around half what you might get on a selling page).

If you are local to us in Bristol, we may be able to give you a better price as we don't have to pay postage if you bring your items along to us at our unit.  Please contact us to arrange this first.