Our Mission to Help Underfunded Schools

Happy Kids become Happy Adults


Schools are now so underfunded that many have set up Amazon Wish Lists and cannot afford basic supplies.  We have decided to start donating 50% of our net profits to schools and have also set up a Just Giving page for anyone who would like to help out that way.  Even if you can't afford to donate yourself, just sharing our Just Giving page will still help enormously and we'd be extremely grateful.

We strongly believe that many children are not receiving the best education possible simply because schools are so underfunded, they are unable to deliver the best possible outcomes.  

We will continually update this page with what we have bought and donated to schools so you can see where the money goes! 

If you are a school or know of a school who would like to benefit from our fundraising, feel free to start a wish list on our own website as we can then donate directly using funds raised.  Please get in touch with us at funding@edutopix.co.uk with a link to your wishlist.  Please keep in mind that we are in the very early stages of our campaign and may not be in a position to donate straight away.  By sharing our Just Giving page, you will also be helping us to raise money for you more quickly!




22nd October 2020: We received more donations, so were able to send St John Walham Green Primary School three sets of Mathlink Cubes which were on their Wish List.

18th October 2020: We received donations of £5, so we have sent a Spiral Liquid Timer to Kingsham Primary School in Chichester. This was on their Amazon Wish List.

14th October 2020:  We received donations of £12.50, so to get the ball rolling, we purchased and donated 30 paint palettes to Oakfield First School in Windsor who had this on their Amazon Wish List. Reply from school: Thank you for your kind donation received on 19th October 2020.