What are Loose Parts? How are they used?

Parents and practitioners alike have confirmed that cardboard boxes often attract more attention than what was inside. The reason for this is that restriction limits creativity, whereas with no prescribed method in play items can be used as the child sees fit without restrictions.

Colour Stacking Squares can be used in anyway the child wants. There are no 'rules' on how these are played with.

Children will play for hours over random objects; a selection of coloured wooden pieces, various kitchen utensils or a box of assorted shells - all lacking boundaries to restrict how they are played with so children naturally indulge themselves through creative exploration

Various craft supplies can be used as Loose Parts.  180 Assorted Poms £1.29 from Edutopix 

Giving meaning to loose parts is not just about the materials, but also how a child learns and what environments they are in. This can create endless possibilities for them when playing with these "loose" objects!

Shells can be used to make pictures, patterns or can even be pretend food!  Assorted Shell Basket £2.49

Children are naturally creative and adults can encourage that play by integrating materials from different areas. What if the child brings pretend food to make spaghetti in the block area? Perhaps they will invite their friends over for dinner!

No one can deny that a child's playtime is the best time. Play allows children to learn about their world, and come up with different ideas of how they want it to work for them! It also helps teach problem solving skills by figuring out what goes together and doesn't go together in order for this imaginary scenario for a game to be successful.

There are many loose parts materials you could incorporate into your child’s playing such as cardboard, newspaper and wrapping paper; pine cones flowers sticks leaves acorns; straws beads pom-poms cotton wool sand shells stones (things found outside) wooden blocks rolling pins cups etc... These activities will help children improve on developing creativity intellectual curiosity cooperation decision making planning sharing listening

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