How to Make a Water Wall

How to Make a Water Wall

It's easier and not as expensive as you think!

If you have a space in your garden, but don’t want to spend the money on an expensive premade water wall, try making one yourself. The featured Water Wall was made by Michelle,  one of our customers who kindly let us use the pic.  This particular activity is perfect because not only will they get wet from all their fun playing outside {it's even more exciting when parents or carers join them}, but also it won't break the bank either! This is also a fantastic STEM activity.

The basic component is tubes!  These Whistling Tubes are ideal and come in four bright colours.  The top of the tubes also have a widened opening which makes it easier to pour water into or even insert a funnel.

If using a wooden fence to create your water wall, then using plastic pipe clips are a great way to fix the tubes in place.  Two or three clips per tube will enable you to create various twists and turns with each tube.  Fixing the tubes so that they criss cross over each other is also great fun because children will love the fact that the water comes out in different places.  

Water Falls Bath Cups are a really cute addition to the wall.  This creative bath toy comprises 1 cup to scoop and pour water, as well as 3 toy cups which the water is to be poured through (2 come with spinner wheels, and 1 is a straining cup).  They come with suction pads for use in the bath, but can be screwed to your fence for using with your water wall.

We recommend using plastic jugs and this set of Three Water Play Jugs in three different sizes is perfect for the job.

To save on water consumption, use bowls underneath the tube outlets which can then be scooped back up using the jugs for endless play.

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