Coming Out of My Shell at Last

So....I've never been a confident person really.  I'm fine hiding behind the laptop screen and posting to facebook, writing newsletters etc, but when it comes to unveiling the 'real' me, I tend to avoid at all costs!

But I had to overcome my fear if I want my business to grow.  The educational resources sector is extremely competitive and with school funding at an all time low, childminders leaving the profession and parent's disposable incomes shrinking, customers need to be fought for like never before! 

 I began to realise that I needed a 'face' for my business and unfortunately for me (and probably you), it had to be my face!  I decided I was going to have to do a facebook 'live'......just the thought of it made me break out into sweat so bad I needed a life boat.  I'm 50 years old now and 'the face' is starting to go a bit, so I was very self concious of that!  'I know' I thought!  'I'll do my facebook live early Friday evening and invite people to join me for a glass of wine'!  That way I would look my best (as I'd be going out that night) and I could 'get away' with having a drink to calm my nerves without looking like that mad woman in the pub that we all know......

So, I did it!  I spent ages setting up my desk at work and creating a 'script' to keep me going.  I pondered over which toys and resources to show you all and even rehearsed.   That first 'live' was the MOST terrifying thing I've ever done!   I couldn't work out who if anyone was watching (still haven't worked that bit out) and I think I may have ended up being that mad woman at the pub a couple of hours later.

But it got easier :)   I did it again the next Friday and then the Friday after that!  Then I went camping for the weekend and forgot to do the live!  I quickly got one together on Sunday afternoon with very little preparation, no script and no wine! Turns out I didn't need all those things after all.

And do you know what? It really doesn't matter if I mess up or forget a particular word or forget the price of something or get tongue twisted etc etc!  It also doesn't matter if I haven't washed my hair that day or topped up my lippy!  I'm doing a live every day now and it's done wonders for my confidence!  Sometimes you really do need to step right out of your comfort zone to realise that maybe it's not that uncomfortable after all.





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